Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What a way to spend an afternoon

Just  came in from the garden and found a message on my phone – my pal in the village had made up a pot of indigo which she was using to dye her Shibori work and there was life left in the pot, she had not exhausted all the dye. Did I want to come and drop in some fabric to use up the dye? As if there was something I would rather do ……............
Two hours later I brought home a bag of dripping wet fabric to hang on the line. I had slowly lowered a selection of different fabric types and weights into the deep green murky liquid and pulled out vibrant green fabric which I watched like magic, turn to blue as the oxygen in the air converted the cloth to an indigo colour.  

When I get around to doing something with the fabric I will post the results.



  1. You need to have stuff stitched and tied ready for the next vat :)

  2. Wow, I just saw the yellow field, green grass contrasting with the indigo - wat to go x